Select Sealer Wax

Select Sealer Wax


Produces a protective barrier and deep, lustrous gloss to painted surfaces.  A blend of silicone, carnauba wax and mild abrasives work together to remove light imperfections while protecting against the adhesions of bird droppings, grime and water spots.
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Key Benefits

- Easy-to-use, low dust formula
- Provides a durable protective barriet to UV and deposits

How to use

1. Shake bottle before use.
2. Ensure surface is clean and free of deposits.  Use a CarBrite Paint Correction Wash Mitt to remove embedded contaminants.
3. Using only a small amount in each area, apply product evenly with a moist Final Finish Foam Pad and allow to dry to a haze.
4. Remove residue with a clean, dry bonnet or microber.

Recommended Pads

Cutting Compound: CBA0008 6.5" Heavy Cut Foam Pad, CBA0011 6.5" Lamb's Wool Cutting and Polishing Pad.

Polish: CBA009 6,.5" Medium Polish Foam Pad, CBA0011 6.5" Lamb's Wool Cutting and Polishing Pad.

Sealer Wax:  CBA0010 6.5" Final Finish Foam Pad

Recommended Equipment

FLEX Positive-drive Orbital Polisher CBA0018

VOC Compliant: Yes