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Car Brite manufactures professional automotive reconditioning products, and they offer a complete line of cleaners, solvents, dressings, compounds, paints, dyes, soaps, polishes, and waxes. As the industry leader, Car Brite is able to meet all of the challenges of the advanced finishes, fabrics and surfaces found in today's automobiles.

Founded in 1947, Car Brite has served the automotive market a broad range of premium quality products for over 60 years. In 1977, Car Brite expanded from serving the local Indiana automotive market into the leading national brand. Valvoline, a division of Ashland, Inc., purchased Car Brite in 2005 and in 2015 Niteo Products has purchased Car Brite.

Car Brite has satisfied customers found in dealerships, body shops, detail shops, car washes, auto auctions, and marinas nationwide. They all give great reviews on Car Brite's quality products and excellant customer service.

Car Brite products are sold through an exclusive network consisting of nearly 100 distributors throughout the United States & Canada. These distributors are long recognized as the largest and most knowledgeable team in the industry. Car Brite distributors, like Car Brite Alberta, are experienced professionals are equipped to meet all your reconditioning needs including product, equipment and safety training, process analysis and cost reduction management.

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Car Brite Alberta is Alberta's exclusive dealer for Car Brite products since 2001. Our team consists of highly trained and experienced professionals who have worked in the auto detailing industry. Car Brite Alberta is not just a bunch of salespeople trying to make a quick sale, we have worked in the industry and we know that Car Brite offers the best products for your business.

We are proud to back all of our sales with outstanding customer service to make sure that you are always fully satisfied. Car Brite Alberta offers professional detailing supplies and restoration products. Car Brite has some of the most innovative technology to help professionals save time and money while delivering incredible results. We are a leader in servicing northern Alberta's auto dealership, car auction and professional detailer with products & training for the most basic clean-up to painted surface and interior restoration.

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Auto detailing tools

Here at Car Brite Alberta, we know that the auto detailing tools and equipment is just as important as the auto detailing products. So, in addition to the top quality auto detailing products that we sell; we also offer a wide range of tools, equipment, and supplies.

Car Brite auto detailing supplies and tools are top quality and long lasting. Car Brite Alberta offers the best in microfiber towels, detailing brushes, foam applicators, drying towels, car buffers and polishers to make auto detailing a whole lot of fun.

The right detailing tools will make your job easier, quicker, produce a better outcome, and all-around a better experience.

We carry all of the auto detailing tools that you need for your shop. You can browse our full selection of auto detailing tools and accessories by going to the Accessories section under the menu option Auto Detailing Products.


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