Detailing Guides

Car Brite's Professional Automotive Reconditioning Process is designed to help you consistently achieve the highest reconditioning quality. While not the only method for detailing a vehicle, this process has long been safely and effectively utilized by reconditioning professionals worldwide.

Whether you use the process outlined or another method, be sure to follow the same sequence on each vehicle. A consistent approach ensures consistent results.

Exterior Work

  1. Degrease Vehicle
  2. Clean Wheels & Tires
  3. Remove Grease, Tar & Wax
  4. Wash and Clay Exterior
  5. Dress Engine and Exterior Rubber, Plastic & Vinyl Surfaces

Painted Surface Reconditioning

  1. Inspect Paint and Remove Scratches & Oxidation
  2. Level Surface and Apply Protective Barrier

Interior Work

  1. Detrash Interior
  2. Clean and Dress Interior Rubber, Plastic & Vinyl Surfaces
  3. Clean All Glass Surfaces
  4. Clean Carpets, Seats & Upholstery
  5. Dye Deeply Stained Fabrics

Helpful Documents, Detailing Checklist

Professional Automotive Reconditioning Checklist

This comprehensive checklist goes through the most important items and steps for professionally detailing both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. If you find it useful share it by linking back to this page or by sharing it with your friends on social sites!